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As a young man working in the family pub in Listowel, John Cronin remembers thinking there should be more than one cider on offer.  He researched the market and discovered, that while it is a one horse race in Ireland, there is a vibrant cider market in England.  John believed he knew what would go down well in Ireland.  


The cider would :-    


  • Be easy to drink, with a smooth, clean, crisp taste.

  • Have just the right amount of sparkle and acidity to be refreshing.

  • Always taste the same and reach the customer in top quality condition.


With a clear vision of what he wanted, John set out on a quest.  He was a young man in a hurry! But, like most quests it took way, way longer with numerous twists and turns, and seemingly dead ends. But, the dream was strong enough to keep him going.   


Over 20 years ago he teamed up with English master cider maker Keith Knight to create his cider. They eventually collaborated with David Sheppy to help perfect the recipe.  


With the recipe perfected John built a close knit team.  We set out to find a suitable manufacturing partner.  Initially it looked as if we would be making it in England.  But, we were delighted to find our ideal partners in Donohoes of Enniscorthy.  


Donohoes have a state of the art production facility with a rigorous quality control regime. The great thing is, they are a family business and care about Cronins Cider as much as we do. 


Cronins Quality Cider launched in June 2015 and is now stocked in almost every outlet in Kerry, and continues to expand nationwide.


Give it a try and judge for yourself!



Our main goal with Cronins Quality Cider was to create a cider that tasted crisply refreshing, was clean to the eye and palate, whilst maintaining our philosophy of using Natural ingredients and processes to create an extraordinary drink that would appeal to both traditional cider drinkers, enthusiasts and to those to whom cider has remained a mystery.


Using our special recipe we believe we have achieved our goals.  We hope you agree when you taste Cronins Cider and let us know on and twitter @croninscider


Whilst our ingredients are sourced from the UK, we are proud to say Cronins Quality Cider is both processed and bottled in Ireland.  We partnered with the Donohoe Drinks Company in Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford to process and bottle our Quality Cider. 


It is with thanks to our special Cronins team, who have each made the 'Cronins dream' their own, that we are able to see something we're incredibly proud of, rolling out onto store shelves all over the country.


Cronins Cider is available at selected stockists throughout Ireland. We will constantly update you with information on where you can pick up your own bottle and we hope you enjoy Cronins Quality Cider as much as we do.


Keep up to date on facebook & twitter.


Thank you,    


John Cronin

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